Applying For Card

Synchrony Bank is the only financial institution that may offer QVC credit cards, including the Q cards. As a QVC Rewards member, you may earn $20 in additional points per month if you use your card to make your first purchase during the nine-, twelve-, or eighteen-month zero-interest promotion.

A credit score of 650 is necessary to make a purchase, nevertheless. Included in this package is fraud protection, and there’s no yearly cost either.

You may still charge up to $37 on an outstanding QVC Credit Card amount, even without an introductory APR. You must log into your account before you can do things like make payments or get in touch with customer support. 

Where Can I Apply for The QVC Credit Card?

A QVC credit card application is quick and easy to fill out. To successfully register for a QVC Credit Card, follow the step-by-step instructions below. A QVC Credit Card application may only be submitted by current cards. 

  • Open the official page of the QVC website.
  • Please include your full name, SSN, bank details, mailing address, zip code, city, state, and mobile phone number.
  • Please go to the next step by creating an online profile.
  • When you’re all set to go, a confirmation notice will pop up.
  • The registration process for your congrats is complete.

In addition to the official QVC customer care number that is provided below the email, you may also apply for a QVC credit card by contacting that number.

Activate QVC Credit Card

A credit card, once sought and issued, serves no use. Get your QVC credit card activated if you want to use it. You may use your QVC Credit Card to make purchases whenever you choose after it is activated. 

For phone card activation, dial 1-800-367-9444. Verify that you are using your registered mobile phone when you call. Once your call is connected, you will be walked through the remaining procedures.